Bookoff makes an unfortunate choice.

Liquor Off store in Osu Nagoya.

Those of you that know of Bookoff know it as a great place to get good condition second hand books, CDs and games at a reasonable discount.
What many don’t know is that while Bookoff is the best known part of the company it actually operates several other chains of second hand stores with similar names.

I fortunately whoever picked the names clearly didn’t think of how some might sound in English. Adding the work ‘off’ to things makes the Japanese think of ‘price off’ or cheap. For westerners though the first connotation may be “F%#& off.,”

So we get Hard off, Move off, Garage off,Hobby off, Recycle off and off house.

The pinnacle of Book Off’s naming ability ( and by this point I’m sure it’s on purpose) is their new off license chain.

Liquor Off.


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