Vending machines: The first post ( likely of many).

When you ask the average person who hasn’t been to Japan what they know about the country you are likely to get the same reply time and again. Samurai, ninja, sushi, sake, karate, bullet trains, weird toilets and vending machines.
Generally speaking vending machines in Japan aren’t that weird just very numerous. Obviously there are exceptions like the live crab one in Osaka or used panties in some places in Tokyo but generally they just sell hot and cold drinks. In some ways they are more limited that in the UK as usually there would be food machines as well as drinks back home. Japan does have snack machines but they are far less common than drinks ones.

Today’s post isn’t about a super weird vending machine but just o e that’s a little different. Most soft drink machines use bottles, sometimes cans but occasionally I’ve found ones that pour you a paper cup with ice.

These machines aren’t common and I assume they less convenient for the companys to refill but I have come across them I. A couple of places.

So Japanese vending machines. Not always super weird but sometimes a little odd.